Sidebar Setting (Mini Cart)

To find this settings page go to WooCommerce and find “Woo Header Mini Cart” as a submenu and click on Sidebar Settings

Change the sidebar position? :  Click for change SIdebar left to right side, Default: Left

Top Part #

  • Top Background Color:  Select the top bar background color from the color picker



Middle Part: #

  • Background Color:  Select the  background color from the color picker
  • Product round image: click the switcher to enable the product image round shape
  •  Delete Icon Color: Select the  color from the color picker


Bottom Part: #


This is the bottom part of the sidebar mini cart, we have discussed its different parts in detail on separate pages, please see below.





Sub Total:

The cart Amount subtotal is shown here, you can customize the text, change the color, and disable this section if you want.


Change the Cart text and Chaekout Text, and choose the button background color and button title color

More options:

Change the empty cart text